Friday, July 16, 2010


It has been quite sometime since I updated. There is a very valid reason for this, actually a few. First premise, I am on internship and very busy. Second Premise, this internship cannot be describe, literally, not now. Conclusion: I can't write about it. Ok ,this is proably more of an inductive arguement rather than deductive, but the conclusion is more, I can write now, but still not about internship.

My philosphical brain side has emerged.If only it did that when I was in that class..

Well, some internship details will come later. I am tired,and I am inspired to write for whatever reason. I can tell you about the good things regarding my internship. (Note: I purposfully have not written in my internship blog, because I really don't know what to say there without being to surface level. That ain't my style)

ESL classes are so fun. I have to admit, 3.5 hours of it is really long, for me and my students. I teach a beginner class of 11 women from Yemen. THey are so great. Some are moms, some are young adults. THese women are so wonderful. THey learn fast, and handle well. One student, (one of the moms) does not fit the mold. She cracks jokes in class, plays with her veil, and prouldy shows off her Christmas socks she wears daily. It cracks me up. Her sarcasm level is also high, which I find highly amusing. I am also learning Arabic from them, and they love it. I love connecting with them. They also teach us Arabic dances and share their amazing food with us. I will never be able to buy hummus from a store again after this..

I only have two weeks left. Two week of English, and two weeks to show them Jesus. Thats all on that for now.

This summer has changed my life. Dramatically. I have new plans, new dreams, new goals, and have never been more passionate about the gospel in my life. Reasons will come later. I want badly to go to seminary. I want to study Apologetics, Theology and counseling. I want to be all three of these things. I want to continue ministering to Muslims, as well as build up the body of Christ. I want to further study Islam and Judaism. I am not sure where the future is headed, other than I know that I have one more year left at Moody. That is my current calling.

Also, thanks for all the prayers and encouragement for those who have been praying/calling/emailing/texting..ect..
I have never desired it or needed it more.
Oh, two more weeks. Bittersweet.Very. (I use that word alot)