Monday, February 21, 2011

Tidbits, pieces, findings, snipits

"Not following a method, but integration and the Holy Spirit's guiding."

"Sometimes we are too impatient to stop and and think on the story"

"There is a usefulness in brokenness that theologies have no patience for"

"Do we really believe God is doing a new thing NOW?"

'Come to God as you are, get rid of the perfection"

-At work in my class of three year olds I saw friendship happen. Two girls giggled over a doll. They smiled. Left me, and went on to play together for the first time.How simple, how innocent a friendship was made that day.

"He's not after our comfort but our character"

"Sanctification is cooperate, not just individual"

"Some of the most painful things in life are things are hearing things we were never meant to hear"

"Those who suffer those most hate violence the most. Those who suffer the most also gain an introspect the less suffered do not have. There is wisdom in pain and insight, the ability to empathize and recognize by the look in another's eyes."

"Do we use the past to justify the future or change it?"

"Be different"

"There is a theology of tears"

"God suffers with us"

"We are to be honest before God. Completely"

A few things not to EVER say when someone is expressing themselves: (and there are more)
-Get over it.
-It'll be ok
-Don't worry....
-You'll be fine...
Your wrong to feel____.

"By telling someone they can't feel, is taking away their person-hood. We are made in the image of God. God has emotions and feels them. Who are we to think another soul in not entitled to feel the way they feel? There is a difference between feeling and acting on those feelings. It is ok to feel. Let them feel. Do not rob someone part of what is in their creation"

"Get rid of the cliches. Stop pretending. Be real."

"Listen. Listen well. Listen actively. Be intentional. Ask questions. Spend 45 minutes asking questions, dont do most of the talking. Get to know someone where they are." (This applies to apologetics as well as Christians)