Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A more detailed update

Summer school has ended, so now I have more time to give a detailed update. I am officially a college graduate now that I have completed my two final courses at Moody! It feels slightly anti-climatic, but I am finished nonetheless. I have three weeks left in Chicago. This summer is going by much too fast for me. I leave in one month to Slovakia, August 10th to be exact. I will be flying up from Dallas to Chicago that morning, spend a few hours here and fly out of O’Hare around 10 P.M . I have one stop in Warsaw, and then Vienna where I will be picked up and driven to Banska Bystica, my soon to be home. I have housing worked out there, and possibly a roommate, the other American English Teacher, Emily. I am very excited, but just now beginning to process and say my goodbyes. I thank everyone who has been supportive and praying for me during this time. I have much to finish up before I leave Chicago! I look forward to spending time with my family in Texas. In the next few weeks, I will be finding replacements for my babysitting jobs, still working some, going through my storage unit, selling and packing, visiting friends and having visitors come here. My cousin from San Antonio is coming up and my best friend from High School is coming at the end of the month! I feel like life is in a whirlwind, and will probably feel that way for a while now. I am ecstatic about moving to Europe, but many emotions go with that. Moving to a place where I know no one, learning a new language, starting a full-time teaching position, attending a new church that has to be translated, its seems like a lot. I am excited, and I know it will be stretching. I have a little over three weeks to get used to life, and begin lesson planning and jump right into faculty meetings. The rollercoaster will soon slow down!

My biggest prayer request as of now is getting my diploma from Moody. I need it soon to send over a notarized copy to the school for my work visa. Paper work can take a while. I am also praying that my background check makes it over there soon as well. Getting this visa seems to be the only complication at the moment. Overall, thank you everyone for your support thus far!