Saturday, August 6, 2011

Final Countdown

Not much time to really blog, but I feel like trying. I have been spending two weeks in Texas prior to leaving for Slovakia. I haven't really had much time to think and process, but I confess that I have not really made time for it either. Everyday is filled with people, tasks and some relaxation when time allots. I love it. I did enjoy my tuesday of just sitting at home reading, purposefully taking the day "off". I have not done that since Christmas break.

Texas is a sweltering sauna in its current state. 110 degree heat, never dipping below 95 even at night. It is not only miserable but it makes me nervous for the people here. They are about to break a record of 40 something days of 110+ degree heat with no rain. Drought is in sight. I went to visit my family in the country today and they farm for a living. Times are rough. Mercy with rain is being asked for.

Today I had to miss a very special wedding, that of my former roomates Dawn Scheler, now Dawn Reigel. I tried so hard to go, but the flights were horrible, for someone leaving the states in 5 days. I couldn't do it. Im so sorry I couldnt attend, but will this only be a taste of life to come? I think of how much I will be missing out on while in Europe. The thought makes me cringe with sadness. It is a sacrifice.

I was also in a car accident yesterday, irrelevant to anything else, but it just sucked. Im ok, minus soreness all over and the wicked slashes on the back of my right leg. I think Im getting those checked before I leave..infection is not welcome right now, (or ever). There are many emotions related to this, but Ill leave it here.

I feel like this is a rather somber post. I am very excited about next week, so many new things, anxiety (especially regarding my visa..come on paperwork..) I am in a kind of funk, finding myself trapped. I cant enjoy the outdoors, because the heat will kill you, literally. I've even tried swimming in the mornings, but that usually lasts all of 20 minutes due to excess thirst and merciless sun. We keep the lights off during the day, and don't use any electricy minus the air and ocasional TV and computer. Lights out everyone. I tried to walk the dogs in the evenings, but even they tire out fast. I look forward to cool air, no more driving a car, being outside and starting my new job. I will miss it here so much. My Country, my home..and it will all change while Im gone. I dont do well with change. At all. Sometimes I ask myself why Im doing this, but I know God has called me and with faith I will go. Faith. Lots of faith. Everything is moving too quickly. So much has changed in the last few months and I am ready for the next page to turn. Some things I wish I could erase or change, but the past will remain as is and the future is yet to unfold. I am very blessed to have the friends, family and support that I do. I really do. Only 2.5 days left in Texas, my last day in the states to be spent in Chicago. I can't wait. I have enjoyed the freedom here, no work, just people and the too many books I bought from half-priced books. I truly have a problem, I am an addict to books. I am trying to read about 7 right now, because my precious books cannot all travel with me. I am basically married to them. (After all, to graduate from moody isnt it a requirement to married to something? sorry, I just had to throw that in..I really am pro marriage)

I'll stop with the sass..but it is nice to be arround single friends here. I am very happy for my married friends though, and one day, whenever it be, I will settle down and do the same, but now is not my time. I have a world to travel and a gospel to spread. I will miss moody though. It does seem odd to not be preparing for another semester, well, I am but as a teacher this time. Many memories there, a very precous time in my life. If I think about it too much, Ill get sad.

Ok, it is 11:26, why am I awake? Its time to read. A few chapters from each book. A few good novels, a Dorothy Sayers mystery, add some Sproul and Schaeffer, topped off with some philosophy and call it a night. Its a good way to end.