Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today might win an award for being the slowest day ever..

I am grateful to be working, but I prefer to nanny over HR office. The office just sits. Not many applications coming through and the phones aren't really ringing.

I like getting paid to play with Nurf guns, and baseballs. Writing funny stories, making up songs...thats where it is.

Only one month left of that. Well, for a year. Maybe not completely, ESL with Children does give opportunity for creativity. Probably not the nurf guns though..

I purchase the plane ticket next week. Sorting my things begins this weekend.
2 pages left then I am finished with Moody.

Kids are here for camp. Memories. *chills* I think back and wonder if I really was that obnoxious as a teen. yikes.

Allergies on the rise.

I want to take a nap..but after this I go babysit. Its worth it.

I want to run some laps around this building. That would be socially inappropriate..I'd be the "norm breaker". Thats just unprofessional.

Tip: Apply for the job. You cannot get it because "God told you to apply." we need an app.

I am shot. brain dead.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Copy Machine versus Harry Potter

Finally. Should be starting my paper..but Im still mad.
I held up a good fight with the library copy machine..a 40 minute one.

I grew weary..

Today has been productive though, in a good way. The past two weeks have been busy with no end in sight. I began the day with my final hermeneutics lecture, in starbucks, with my professor paying for my coffee. Shout out to Ernest Gray. Its been an awesome ride. I then walked downtown to get my background check and fingerprints sent off for my Visa. I did my grocery shopping, ate lunch, ran some more errands, and was feeling pretty good about myself until the copy machine episode.

I am now watching Harry Potter, and taking a mental break. Its the fourth movie, and Im at the part where fourteen year old Harry and Ron are trying to ask out girls to the ball. Hilarious.

I find myself comparing Moody to Hogwarts..probably not a good comparison. Can you imagine us using the word "rubbish" on our profs? Who would represent Harry and He-who-must-not-be-named? It is amusing really, in my head. Maybe its me and the downstairs copy machine...that seems very anti-climatic..and extraordinarily dull.

Logistics can be frightfully tiring. I feel like a true grownup. I booked my first rental car and hotel for next weekend's wedding extravaganza, and there is still much to be done in regards to the big move.

One month plus a half, is my time left in America. So weird. Yet so enthralling.

My plane ticket is now being paid for. That is the latest news I have on that. I am very grateful. Very grateful. I am thankful that God continues to lay out everything before me, and grant me the most undeserving of blessings.

Two weeks left of school. Psalms class, plus Faith's wedding intertwined with work and friends.

I need to find my planner..Im not in panic mode yet..

Oh dear, my movie is freezing..I must check to see what is the matter with it..

Actually, I should get started on my paper...

Harry Potter month

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Transition. Next Chapter..turning the page..

Ok, Here’s the story:

I knew my last semester of college was upon me, and being the plan ahead, choleric type I am, I began to figure out the next step. My plans have changed slightly throughout this year and I decided to take a year off to work while taking time to apply to seminary. I began searching for a full-time job back in February. I had a few interviews here and there for full-time nanny jobs in Chicago, applications out and waiting to see what was next. Around March I inquired on a teaching position for an elementary school in Slovakia that I had discovered through Moody. I gave them a little info on myself and then told them I am not interested in overseas work at this time. Well, time has passed. I have had two people tell me they want to hire me, but need me to begin in the beginning of June. Summer school cut right in. Very frustrating. I knew I needed to be in Summer school, that way I would be guaranteed to finish my degree but needless to say, I was disappointed. Well, literally about two weeks ago, the school contacted me again. I assumed they filled their position because they took their posting off of Moody’s career webpage, but they asked if I had changed my mind. I pondered it, and thought it would be worth a shot. I skyped an interview, which I thought went terrible in my mind, sent my full resume in and waited. Monday morning, an offer came. Shocking. Whirlwind. Head spinning still.. The best part: I had one week to decide. I have been in a spin all week. Being the Skeptic I am, I thought it was too good to be true. I began asking question upon question, and in the past few days have uncovered much:

Its paid, not a lot, but enough to live on. Teacher’s salary, but sufficient.
They help me with housing, and I will have roommates.
I have been in contact with my new future American co-worker, and she has lived in Slovakia for four years as a missionary, and has been very helpful this week. Bonus: she is from Texas 
I have also been in contact with the American couple who has been teaching there for two years, they have also been extremely helpful and I look forward to meeting them this fall.
Two American families from ywam? (Spelling check..) are around
The school is associated with a church and there is a youth group I can be help out with.
I will have health insurance.
They know what Celiacs is.
My visa is being paid for, possibly my plane ticket.
Slovakia is next to Ukraine, so visits will come 
I am living in Europe.
I will teach 4-6 six grade ESL
Vacations exist.
Did I mention I will be living in Europe for a year?

The downsides are, only having 2 months left in Chicago and trying to figure out a trip to Texas. I will miss Chicago dearly, and all my friends in family scattered between Texas and Chicago. But, I am not going to ramble about that right now. I do realize that there will be challenges, and time of discouragement to come. I have been rationalizing this and not trying to over romanticize this idea. Many prayers, and tears have been in this process. I am very excited about this opportunity. I have sought counsel from my parents, church and a few select others and this seems to be God’s will. I am still in utter bewilderment, and I still feel like I am in a dream. Surreal. I cannot believe God has presented this to me. I could not have come up with this on my own. His ways surely are higher than mine and his plans very different. I am leaving comfortable Chicago to go actually use my degree (which is very exciting!) to go learn a new culture, new language and new ministry. Holding things loosely still, but I am anticipating the next few months. Well, I have a million things to do it seems, and I could elaborate so much more. God is so wonderful, and I am very thrilled about this. More details to come soon. I will be sending out letters and such and if anyone wants to contact me please do!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Less than 24.

24 More hours,
or less
Waiting is hard.
This decision is hard.
This decision is big.
Many prayers.
Many tears.
God works in the oddest of ways.
His timing is way off from mine,
but His is perfect.
I must trust this.
I think I know the answer, but
patience requires me to wait.
Thank you blog,
for hearing me out.
Thank you Jesus for carrying me through,
Thank you for this week,
for having to decide,
making me be a grown up
and not choosing the easy way out with an automatic "no"
This has been a trying week,
And then some.
Exciting, frightning, wonderful, terrifying,
all at once.
Too good to be true,
but it is true.
This is really happening,
This could be..
Oh yes.
Tears of joy, agony, stress and pain,
so much to take in at once,
all questions to be answered,
what is left?
To give an answer..
And tomorrow,
I shall.