Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Technicolour yawn

Friday night, culture shock reared it’s vicious head. A vulgar state of the soul, yet inevitable. I walked through the park, admiring all the lovely, crunchy, colourful leaved, with that childlike desire to crunch them, throw them, and dive into a large pile. However, it hit me, it would look rather odd and silly if I did this alone, and it hit me: No one here to do this with. Loneliness unveiled herself to me, taunting me. I went to play the church piano, to help cope, but the tears flowed down. I cried, prayed and played for five hours, until I realized the time was 10:30. I left, went home, cried more, and beat my mattress. Finishing “Horton hears a who” helped enormously.
Skipping ahead to today: I was dreading it. I didn’t want to go to church, specifically to a “Thanksgiving” service. However, God answered my prayer:

The mall has Christmas decorations out, already.

I enjoyed the testimonies given at church

I am thankful for Jarka continually translating for me.

Getting to know Josh better. My compassion leans towards him as a fellow American.

A lady from church told Slavo I look like a fairy, I took it as a compliment 

Slavo catching me after church: My attempts to be more honest (Including, Slavo’s public decloration” Oh it was you who had Diarrhea” .Nice).
I found out about the future vision for Narnia, the grammar school, for the church, the land, the cottage ect.. I confessed my desire for another native speaker, found out it could be a possibility, confessed my “lonely state”, was then invited to dinner with the Polohatsi,
Politics lesson, Sign language, and good fellowship and fun. I also found out the full story on Slavo’s side, on my hiring process, which was interesting, and I feel blessed. It helped to hear that too, from a Native’s mouth.My boss's mouth. Ok, from another human being.

Best highlights: Natik giving his pre-presentation (for my English class) with “I have to go to the bathroom” inserted. Yes child, please do that during class tomorrow...

Signing at dinner.

Timko: “But God wont understand Natik’s English prayer.It's not good enough. He should pray in Slovak"

Timko: What’s a flamingo? Natik: It’s a dumb, pink ostrich that swims in water

The boys playing their instruments and Timmy’s meerkat collection

Hearing the expression “Technicolour yawn” in reference to throwing up

Explaining what a “wifebeater” is

And as always, Timmy's wide, half toothless smile, accompainied by a lisp. It doesn't get much more precious than that.

Ahh, how I love spending time with families. Especially this one. It is exactly what I needed.I'm realizing that even though I'm away from my family, and will not be apart of a family here, God will still provide moments, and oppertunities, during my lonliest times. Friendships in the making. With the big and the small. I am learning that I cannot expect encouragment, and I cannot place that expectation on anyone, however, when it does come, I am so thankful. Missionary life is teaching me so much, and that the only true encouragment comes the Lord. Spending time in prayer before school this week, has helped tremendously.

Thanks again, for reading this. It's a rather clumsy post, and I have much more exciting things to say, but I'll wait for another day..

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